Vintage Guitar

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Guitar Playing Obsession


The guitar has got to be about the most well known musical instrument. Or maybe a drum should hold that particular accolade. But there can't be many people in the world who have never heard or seen a guitar.

One thing that makes guitars so appealing is their accessibility. Unlike a Piano, or a drum kit, a guitar is portable and almost anyone can pick one up. But creating a tune on a guitar can be a struggle.

I've met talented people who have taken no time at all to master the guitar to a level good enough to start a band. But many guitarists are like me, they've played for many years but they're still learning.

But this is one of the reasons why guitars are so compelling. There is always a new tune to learn, a new guitar to buy or a new guitar gizmo to try out. If you are planning to learn to play guitar, be warned because its a hobby that can take over all of your spare time.

In recent years I've become something of a guitar collector. I am particularly keen on resonator guitars. These are a form of acoustic guitar that uses a resonator cone made of spun allumnium to give the guitar extra volume. The resonator mechanical amplifier comes from the early 20th century, before electronic amplifiers were in common use. The sound of the resonator guitar is very much the sound of the blues, the music that I love.

If you know any guitarists you may already know how obsessive they can become. Guitar enthusiasts will often find that playing guitar, collecting guitars, reading guitar magazines and going to guitarist gigs can take over their lives. And if you are unfortunate enough to have a guitar playing wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend you may find yourself feeling that you are less important than their obsession with guitars.

The Wedding Present - Valentina (drownedinsound)

Don't expect vast departures from the formula on _Valentina_; **The Wedding
Present** know their niche. But how superbly they fill it.


Vintage Guitar

Vintage Guitar Collecting Trivia

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much would this vintage guitar sell for?

It is a 1978 Les Paul Standard. My father is the original owner and he barely touches it, so it is mint condition. Thanks!

Best Answer...


oih about 7000 to 9000. get it appraised, it should be worth a lot though.

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