Strat Bridge

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Guitar humbucker question...

I'm thinking about buying a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Humbucker to put in my Squier Strat (bridge position) and I had some questions.

1. Will it work with the 5-way pickup selector?

2. If I decide to buy a PRS SE Singlecut will I be able to install it fine and will it sound better than the prs' stock humbuckers? If I don't buy that guitar I'll probably end up buying a MIM strat or something.

Thank you.

Best Answer...


seymour duncans are great pickups but I would think twice about putting those in a squier. A squier is a good guitar for the money dont get me wrong... But it's comparable to putting 20 inch spinners on an old bug. I had thought about doing something like that myself, but the better deal is to go ahead and invest in a better guitar then buy the pickups. as far as the stock PRS pickups sounding less than the seymour duncans... That would be a close call. PRS guitars in my opinion are top of the line right off the assembly line. If I had a PRS I wouldnt change a thing on it.

Good luck